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28 2012

Last Thoughts on Procrastination

Syndicated from: Your Planning Partners

Going by the response from our blogs, procrastination resonates with lots of people. Amy from our office brought in a wonderful cartoon a friend had given her. We share it here with permission from the artist. Ann Patterson of Wood Green Community Services wrote: Good afternoon.  I thought I would let you know that you must have mental telepathy!  I have been trying forseveral days to write a cover letter to Queen’s University (I am planning on returning to school in the fall to get my MBA, and Queen’s is one of the schools I have applied to).  My application advisor in Kingston told me to write what is in my heart, but there are lots of days when my heart feels empty. I am going to read your attachment, and hopefully I will get some bright ideas so I can finish the cover letter tomorrow before work. I’m glad to report that Ann completed the cover letter on time! As we leave our monthly theme of procrastination and move into springtime April I leave the last words to Ellen DeGeneres. Click here to view

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