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10 2009

Lea Brovedani

Emotional Quotient (HQ)

Do you respond well to others' behavior?  Do you gain repeat business because people enjoy working with you?  Lea Brovedani, an expert in Emotional Intelligence, shares her 12+ years of research and experience in the field and explains how we have the ability to change. Defining what Emotional Intelligence is, Lea Brovedani talks about how to recognize, use, understand, and manage emotions.  She shares ways to create the best outcomes in life and how to use your emotions effectively.  Discussing changing behaviour, she shares how the change happens, and how you can make it happen faster.  Learn how to improve your optimism, how to build trust quickly in a relationship, and how to handle a negative employee/co-worker.

Interview Date: September 2009

Lea Brovedani: Blog

Apr 30 2012

Beyond intentions!


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What is the saying? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It seems so are blog posts!
I look at the last time I wrote and the date is July 24th. My intention was to blog about India on a weekly basis and now we have received word that our adventure in India will […]

Mar 16 2011

Welcome to the new blog!


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Welcome to the new blog!



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