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22 2012

Learn about Building Your Body of (Great) Work

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Hello dear reader – I have a quick favour to ask. My friend Pam Slim and I might give a talk at next year’s SxSW (a funky conference weaving in speakers on productivity, purposeful lives, tech and more). Pam’s got a new book in the works – Your Body of Work – and it fits perfectly with my stuff on Great Work. We mashed the two together and we’re cooking up something that’s a double dose of awesome. You can guess that our session will be useful, provocative and highly enjoyable. One thing I want to ask is for a quick vote. If you think this would be useful (and hopefully, if you’d like to attend), can you take 60 second to vote for our proposal here? “The people’s voice” is a big influence on which talks get selected, so you’ll be helping us out. If we’re selected, we’ll report out from our session and share some of the key insights with you. Voting will close on Friday, August 31, so please don’t save this for later. Here’s the link to vote again:  

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