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05 2011

Learn How to ease your nerves when public speaking

Syndicated from: Vocal Power

  For many people fear is the reason they won’t speak in public . Here are a few tips to ease your fear of speaking in front of a audience. Learn to relax your body before speaking . Take a deep breath from your  diaphragm , not your chest, and feel the difference. Speak in front of a mirror to improve your smile and body language. Never memorize a speech, know the content, and use key words on cue cards to keep you organized and on track To improve your comfort level, practice in front of  people you know Use a video recorder to evaluate your skills Communication is key. Whether it’s getting heard in meetings, giving presentations or speaking on the phone-your voice must communicate in both social and business settings.  Register now for our next 6 week workshop which starts May 17, 2011 Visit or call 416-505-0904 Good Speaking Earl Sky            

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