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10 2011

Links for Digging Deeper Into Leading a Peak Performance Culture

Syndicated from: The Practical Leader

My last blog post announced that you can now view last Friday’s (November 4) full Leading a Peak Performance Culture webcast with all slides and audio track. You might want to view (or review) the session on your own or share it with your management team and/or improvement professionals concerned with leadership and culture development. The webcast was built around the core models, frameworks, and approaches we use to help Clients with leadership and culture development. Here’s an outline of the webcast’s main sections followed by links for more information on the material covered: Defining Culture and Its Impact Review of Beyond Performance (the massive McKenzie study) and key frameworks from it. Excerpts and key findings from Beyond Performance. Review of The Culture Cycle (James Heskett) and key frameworks from it. Excerpts and key findings from The Culture Cycle. A selection of articles and excerpts on Culture Change. A selection of blog posts on Culture Change. Fatal Five Failure Factors “Bolt-On Programs or Built-In Culture Change“ “Lasting Culture Change Means Going Beyond Passionate Lip Service To Involved Leadership“ “Lead, Follow, or Wallow” and “Thriving in Turbulent Times” archived webcast (both based on Growing @ the Speed of Change) “Unconscious and Underlying Beliefs Undermine Culture Change Efforts“ “The Acceleration Trap: Frantic Busyness and Priority Overload is Overwhelming Way Too Many Teams and Organizations“ Culture Transformation Pathways “Check Your Balance with the Performance Triangle“, a selection of articles and excerpts, and blog posts on Management versus Leadership. A selection of articles and excerpts and blog posts on Emotional Intelligence. Use our “compass model’s” six main clusters to dig deeper into any of the underlying sixteen Transformation Pathways (in right column). Key Implementation Steps A selection of articles and excerpts on Organization Development including improvement planning and implementation infrastructure. “Using Strategic Imperatives to Drive Team/Organization Development” and “Use Strategic Imperatives to Set Improvement Priorities“. A generic outline of our Management Team Retreats framework that we customize for each Client. You can also review a large selection of video clips featuring me presenting many of these concepts and approaches to live audiences. Go to Jim’s Videos and use the “Categories” pull-down menu to select the topics you’re interested in. We’re offering a more interactive webinar on November 29 at 1:00 EST (Toronto/New York time zone). This is a change from the November 25 date we announced on the webcast. To keep interaction manageable, spots in this webinar are very limited. This follow up session is reserved for senior executives and support professionals such as Health and Safety, Human Resources, Training and Development, Lean, Organization Development, Quality, Customer Service, and related support professionals. We’ll outline The CLEMMER Group services, options for working with you, and answer questions on our approaches. If you’re in one of those roles and what to explore how The CLEMMER Group might help you, please register here. I welcome your feedback on the webcast or this material. I am also happy to set up a phone call to explore how we might customize an approach to help your team or organization lead a peak performance culture.

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