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17 2012

Live Webinar Next Week: Are Woman Better Leaders Than Men?

Syndicated from: The Practical Leader

This spring I blogged about the firestorm of debate Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman ignited with their March Harvard Business Review blog post, “Are Women Better Leaders than Men?” Their research was based on a recent survey of 7,280 leaders. The study reinforced some long held beliefs and uncovered a few surprises in the gender debate. See New Study Shows Women Do It Better Than Men for my original blog post. Since publishing that blog with links to mainstream publications who have been writing about Zenger Folkman’s work, the media interest continues. See, for example, Queen Bees, Mentors, and the Female Boss Problem in BusinessWeek. Next Thursday (July 27) Jack and Joe will present their fascinating research in a live (no charge) webinar. Below are further details and links to register. These webinars are not available in an archive after the session. So you’ll need to register now and catch the session on the 27th. Are Women Better Leaders Than Men? Presented by Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joe Folkman July 26, 2012 1:00pm ET We’ve all heard speculation about the ways leadership styles vary between women and men. Our latest survey of 7,280 leaders in some of the most successful and progressive organizations in the world confirms some long held assumptions about gender differences in leaders in the workplace, and holds some surprises. Join Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman to discover: The fallacy of stereotypes that would have us believe that female leaders only excel at certain competencies. The research that shows at every level, women were rated as better overall leaders than their male counterparts and why that might occur. The possible rationale for why men outscored women significantly on only one management competence in this survey. Conclusions from the research about what leaders and managers should do with these findings. This webinar is complimentary.  

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