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27 2011

Look for the Lesson and Increase Your Sales

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

Everyday life presents lessons that can be applied to virtually any sales role. From the way a person in a call center manages your concern, to the people you encounter when you make a purchase, to situations that are discussed in the media. Here are a couple of examples that stood out for me in the past week. Example 1: The Car Dealership My youngest daughter is in the market for a new car. At one dealership, we told the sales person that we would return in a few days to test drive a particular car to which she said, “Okay.” No attempt was made to secure our name, contact information or write down the time as an appointment. In fact, I had to prompt her by saying, “We’ll be back on Saturday at 1:00 PM. Do you want to write that down?” Her reply (in a surprised tone), “Oh, that’s a good idea.” I’m thinking of sending her a bill for the free coaching. The Lesson: When you are talking to a serious buyer make sure you get their contact information, confirm the appointment, and then follow up a day prior to that appointment as a reminder. Example 2: The Open House A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I took a Sunday afternoon and visited half a dozen open houses in the area. We have specific requirements since she operates a computer classroom in our home and I also need an office. As a result, we are very particular with the design and floor plan. When we mentioned this to the realtors who were showing the homes only one took the initiative to say, “I have some other homes that might work for you. Can I send you the details to see if they would be suitable?” Only one person out of six actually listened to what we said and responded appropriately. Lesson: People give you valuable information IF you take the time to listen instead of waiting for your turn to speak. Example 3: Talk, Talk, Talk During each of the above interactions, I noticed that every single sales person spend more time talking about the home or the car. They all pointed out features that they felt were important. One car sales person was eager to show us the trunk while another gushed about how many air bags the car was equipped with. And a third was eager to get a comparison sheet into our hands. It was no different in the homes. The realtors pointed out the high ceilings, upgrades, and what other homes on the street recently sold for. Lesson: Before you start talking about your product, ask your prospect a few questions to learn what’s important to them. Then adapt your presentation accordingly. Here’s what you can do. Look at the situations that occur in your life. When you encounter someone who does a great job of selling, look at what they do well and figure out how you can apply that into your own sales approach. When you face situations that make you say, “That was brutal” make sure you aren’t guilty of making the same mistake. Life provides all of the lessons we need to succeed. We just have sit up and pay attention. I help sales people master their sales conversations so they win more business and close more deals. Please feel free to call me if you think I can help. 905-633-7750 Tweet This

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