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29 2011

Lost in Translation

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

Last Friday I had the good fortune of speaking at a conference in Puerto Vallarta. As it turned out there were only two English speaking presenters at the entire conference so our speeches were translated via simultaneous interpretation. This meant that we needed to ensure our presentations could be easily translated and understood by the audience. This sounds like an easy task; however, I have learned that phrases, slang and idioms that are common in North America don’t always translate effectively into another language. So, how does this applies to sales? Too often sales people use jargon, technical terms, acronyms, and other language that sounds foreign to their prospect or customer. When I worked in consumer electronics, sales people constantly referred to product numbers when talking to customers. Because they worked with the products every day, they were familiar with the SKU numbers but their customers were not. When you deliver a sales presentation (formal or informal) it is critical that you ensure that your presentation doesn’t get lost in translation. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing the other person’s attention, or worse, alienating them. Before every sales call or meeting you need to consider the person(s) you’re speaking with, their level of knowledge and expertise, and their position. Then you need to adapt your approach accordingly. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about the presentation from their prospect’s perspective. They forget that the other person may not understand the terminology. They don’t realize that their prospect may not be familiar with common acronyms or other jargon. Take the time to simplify your approach before every sales call, appointment or meeting. Eliminate jargon, acronyms and other language that may sound foreign to the other person. Make it easy for your customer or prospect to understand you and your presentation won’t get lost in translation.   Looking for a speaker for an upcoming meeting? I deliver keynote presentations and training workshops for any size group. Call me and we can discuss your specific objectives. 905-633-7750 or Tweet This

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