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18 2010

Louise Karch

Fighter of Mediocrity

Presentation expert, career planning guru, brand maven, professional speaker, double gold-medal figure skater, and management consultant Louise Karch offers a diverse background that is linked by performance excellence.  She discusses her career, challenges and inspiration. Describing her 'OutPerform' services and 'brand-aide', Louise Karch discusses brand issues and problems, and how brand integrity can become legacy. Learn how to align employees with your brand and work with a multi-generational workforce.  Learn how to accelerate productivity and protect your memory.  And whether you're a new graduate or seasoned professional, Louise Karch shares tips on the career planning process. Learn how to talk about yourself with BRAG bites, measure various career factors, and decide if the role fits.

Interview Date: October 2010

Louise Karch: Blog

Dec 03 2014

Someone please share this with Sean Abbott

from: (Louise Karch)

Syndicated from: Louise Karch - BRANDfluence - Speaker, Consultant, Mentor

Someone share this with Sean Abbott. There is post traumatic stress but… there is more often post traumatic growth.

Jan 27 2013

The Power of Your Short Story

from: (Louise Karch)

Syndicated from: Louise Karch - Performance Coach, Speaker, Agitator

“The 21st century belongs to the storyteller.” says futurist Rolf Jensen. What dose that mean in a twitter, ADHD world? Our attention span has shrunk to eight seconds.  $6 billion dollars of marketing messaging is yelling at us. How do you compete? Clarify and simplify to amplify. Have a six words story, that’s the advice of […]

Oct 27 2012

Mission Possible

from: (Louise Karch)

Syndicated from: Louise Karch - Performance Coach, Speaker, Agitator

Her mission statement fits on a serviette. For 31 years Heidi, the beloved co-owner of Mykonos Restaurant in London Canada, has had one mission. “To create a sense of well being and receive people with warmth and joy and give them a holiday feeling away from their stresses. ” What business are you in? […]



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