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19 2011

Mark Dowds, Brainpark

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Mark Dowds had a comfortable job as a consultant when he decided to pursue his dream of creating software tools to foster collaboration and efficiency in the workplace. Friends thought he was crazy. It was a little crazy. So why did Mark make this choice? Basically he thought about what his life would be like 10 years from now, and pictured himself as financially comfortable but bored, grumpy and unfit. So Mark is pursuing his great work, Brainpark, with guns blazing. Mark is a true renaissance man – he was a social worker, he’s a serial entrepreneur, a great writer and a charismatic speaker. Mark and I talk about Brainpark and some common obstacles to great work: Raising capital for Brainpark – vulnerability, rejection, and never backing down The danger of spending too much time pleasing other people (and why it will make you very grumpy in the long run) Knowing when to shut your office door (and turn off instant messenger), instead of trying to be available to everyone at all times The art of saying no Visit, follow Mark at @markdowds or check out Listen to my interview with Mark Dowds

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