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13 2011

McGuinty: Doubling Down on Renewable Energy

Syndicated from: Steve Paikin

Well, say this for Dalton McGuinty and his Liberals --- they're not shying away from their controversial commitment to renewables such as solar and wind power.   All over Ontario, there's unhappiness with several aspects of the Liberals' plans to encourage the creation of a home-grown solar and wind energy industry.   Some people don't like the high prices the McGuinty government has promised to pay for the power these renewable sources generate.   Others point to the sole-sourced Samsung deal, in which the Korean energy manufacturer promises to invest $7 billion in Ontario, in exchange for a guaranteed price for what they generate.   Others still don't like the sight or noise of all those new windmills going up all over the province.   But as the premier told us last week on The Agenda, "you've gotta pick a lane."  And so he's not only committed to subsidizing the creation of a made-in-Ontario renewable energy industry, he's doubling down on it during this campaign.     Instead of hiding the commitment, McGuinty again today toured a plant which has hired new workers thanks to the Liberals' Green Energy Act.   Today's tour was of Samco, a manufacturing facility in Scarborough, which makes the steel racking that solar panels fit into. The plant laid off workers when the auto industry went through tough economic times. But those employees have been hired back, now that the company has 23 new suppliers to deal with in Ontario alone.   It also sells its wares to other companies in India, Germany, and France.     Critics will say, fine, at what cost? For the same money, we could have done any number of other things to create jobs.   Scarborough Liberal candidates Brad Duguid (minister of energy), Margarett Best (minister of health promotion), and Bas Balkisoon).   However, McGuinty is "picking a lane."  And on October 6th, the voters will decide whether they like the way he's driving.     Video of Premier Dalton McGuinty touring the Samco plant in Scarborough.        

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