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01 2011

Mental Velcro – Make Your Message Stick

Syndicated from: The Essential Message

Mental Velcro – Make Your Message Stick After you’re finished making a presentation and you leave the room, what sticks? What do people remember? As you know, each month I interview another guest as part of the Essential Message ‘in conversation’ teleclass series. This month, I’ll be speaking to Doug Stevenson, and my initial conversation with him was so fascinating, I thought I would give you a little preview. While Doug Stevenson is a former actor — and I cut my teeth as an advertising and marketing copywriter — I was amazed to see how much our respective approaches to compelling communication are aligned and compatible. Doug begins with the notion that it’s not just what you say that’s important, it’s what people remember. If you speak, and your audience or customer deletes what you say within minutes, you’ve failed. You can’t sell anything — whether it’s a product, service or idea — if you can’t make a convincing argument that continues to influence the decision-maker after you leave the room. The key is to have one consistent message, one consistent imprint, that is repeated so often and so consistently that it sticks to the brain of the intended audience like mental Velcro. So far, this sounds a lot like a tagline (or strapline in the UK), but Doug takes the concept a step further by explaining that to be effective, your one consistent message must be imprinted visually, verbally, vocally and emotionally. In all of his programs on storytelling, Emotional Eloquence and influence, Doug uses one consistent phrase: “Emotion is the Fast Lane to the Brain”. He doesn’t just use the same words over and over, he also syncopates the delivery of those words in exactly same way every time. This is how he says it: Emotion (beat) is the Fast Lane (beat) to the Brain. This line summarizes the main point of his Story Theater Method storytelling technology, which is that your core message must contain an emotional trigger to get into peoples’ heads… but it sticks at least in part because of the musicality and syncopation. In this teleclass, I’ll be asking Doug how you can create mental Velcro with your message. He’ll also explain how to stimulate emotional triggers, and activate the listener’s imagination for greater retention of important data and information. Plus, he’ll show you how to brand your key point and turn it into a ‘phrase that pays’. Interested? I am! Tune in with me by clicking on his face to the left, or this link here. Essentially yours, Michel Neray Chief Differentiation Officer The Essential Message P.S. If you can’t make the live call, don’t worry. Like all of our teleclasses, a recording of this session will be sent to you a day or two after the teleclass. And if you become a member of The Essential Message, you’ll find the recording in the Members Audio Library (along with recordings of teleclasses going back to 2005)! Click here to learn more about membership.

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