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06 2013

Metaphors for the Business Owner

Syndicated from: Your Planning Partners

Coaching small business owners, I’ve found a couple of metaphors that are very useful to help them keep their confidence and make sense of things. What’s so valuable about these metaphors is it allows them to use the metaphor to understand unclear situations, deepen their insights and be comfortable with what is happening. The Trapeze Artist. This metaphor is especially helpful when we realize it is time to let go of something or someone; we just know in our gut that it is time. Yet we are not clear what we will fill the space resulting from letting go.  So the metaphor is – the trapeze artist, who has consciously let go of one flying trapeze, knows and trusts that there is going to be one swinging towards her/him even though they can’t see it yet.  It’s that time of suspension or existing in an apparent void that most of us are not comfortable with but it is often necessary. Paint by Numbers & Connect the Dots. Have you ever thought about how our lives and businesses follow the same patterns? There are things you put out there to accomplish; your strategic plan, your life plan, your family plan, your financial plan. These are all examples of the Paint by Numbers metaphor.  Then there is the way that things actually worked out; that’s the Connect the Dots part. It underlines the unplanned parts of our success and accomplishments and the importance of serendipity and being open to the unknown. Let us know how these metaphors have illuminated your journeys in life and business – it will provide insight and shared inspiration for all of us. Our guest blogger this week is Carrol Suzuki. Carrol is a seasoned business and workplace coach and facilitator. Through her business, Carrol Suzuki & Associates, she has coached Your Planning Partners business owner clients and business professionals in a variety of industries. To contact Carrol email and/or check out her web site at Visit our website at

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