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15 2009

Michael Hughes

The Science of Networking

Creating, maintaining, and managing business relationships are important now more than ever. Michael Hughes, President of Networking for Results, and networking expert shares how to use networking as a business and life strategy. Discussing the networking process, Michael Hughes explains how relationships need to be stimulated and nurtured.  He talks about using networking in a job search, and how to start the process.  Discussing the science of networking, Michael Hughes shares the fundamental laws behind networks and how they evolve and grow. Learn strategies in how to network; what to talk about, being prepared, and being persistent. Learn to overcome the stress of meeting new people, and tips to integrate Social Media into your networking mix.

Interview Date: June 2009

Michael Hughes: Blog

Oct 03 2017

Networking Power Tips – 10 Productive Trade Show Tactics

from: mjhughes

Syndicated from: Networking for Results Blog

I still remember my first trade show experience. It felt like I was walking the gauntlet with caged animals on either side trying to get at me. Ok, so I say this in jest, but it does sometimes feel like this. Trade shows are usually busy, pressure-packed events. There is a limited amount of time […]

Sep 26 2017

7 Ways Personality Can Impact Networking Outcomes

from: mjhughes

Syndicated from: Networking for Results Blog

Research has confirmed that personality is a compilation of four basic behavioral styles. Each of us incorporates the four styles into thoughts, conversations and behavior. Over 75% of the contacts you make will be with differing (and sometimes contradictory) personality styles. We’ve all had the experience of meeting someone where the contact and the conversation […]

Sep 06 2017

12 Benefits of Starting Your Own Networking Group.

from: mjhughes

Syndicated from: Networking for Results Blog

You’re sick and tired of attending events where others run the show. You’ve tried the pay-for-play referral groups around town and have found them to be more about the few who run the show than about helping you achieve more success. How can you use networking as a business or career growth strategy that works for you? […]



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