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05 2011

Michele Bailey

Creator, Designer, Strategizer

President of Blazing The Agency,

With almost two decades of experience in the business of design and advertising, Michele Bailey, founder and president of Blazing The Agency, talks marketing, advertising, and design.  Referencing QR codes, smart phones, and iPads, she discusses digital marketing and how Blazing The Agency uses technology. In such a relationship oriented business, Michele Bailey shares her thoughts on RFP’s, spec work, consignment work, and repeat clients. Discussing some popular global campaigns, Michele Bailey analyzes the successes and failures of different aspects. Weaving advertising with the marketing process, she defines the uses, functions, and purpose of design content.  Learn the importance of knowing your local market. Learn when you can measure a campaign. Learn what Michele Bailey is doing to make it easier for others in the future.

Interview Date: July 2011


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