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15 2011

National Hug Your Boss Day – August 19

Syndicated from: Work Smart Live Smart Stress and Wellness Tips

National Hug Your Boss Day - August 19     Would you?  Could you hug your boss?   Really?!...Not in a sexual harassment policy sort of way...but in celebration of National Hug Your Boss Day?    How is your relationship with your boss?  According to the National Hug Your Boss Day website out of the UK (, this quiz may help you determine if you have a good or poor relationship with your boss.   Does your boss trust you? Do you trust your boss? Do you share personal stories and weekend activities? Do you work well with your boss? Are you productive? Do you know where you stand with your boss? Do you work towards the same goals? Do you socialize together? Can you speak to your boss openly about problems you have at work? Can you tell your boss a joke or funny story? Do you feel like you are both on the same side? The more 'no's' the more likely you are able to give your boss a hug.  Beverly's Hot Tips For Celebrating National Hug Your Boss Day:Understand the differences between you and your boss.  Are they more detail-focused or more the ideas type of person.  Do they tend to procrastinate or have unrealistic time frames?  Do they maintain their composure during stressful times.  Do the shout and stomp or play the silent game?  Are the aloof or outgoing?  Are they able to delegate or do they like to be hands-on?  Are they participatory or more a dictator?                Work on various ways to improve the relationship between you. Develop strategies that help you to minimize the differences and maximize the similarities. Be true to your word.  Do what you say you are going to do.  Share not only the 'bad' news but the good news with your boss.  Many times all we talk about are the issues, the difficulties and the challenges and your boss learns to expect that negativity.  Help them to see that you can recognize and celebrate the successes and talk to them in positive ways as well.  Communication is the key to a successful relationship.  I love this recommendation of things not to say to your boss from the NHYBD website:I hate this company and I want to leave Only 10 minutes to go! Be my friend on Facebook I don’t get paid enough for this I got so wasted last night That is not in my job description Does it matter if I don’t finish this It was not my fault! How much money do you earn? Yeah, whatever! So reach out, improve you relationship and communication skills.  And if you can't hug your boss today, then maybe the next time National Hug Your Boss Day rolls around, you will be able to.Want to create a picture of what your ideal boss would look like, visit the National Hug Your Boss Day website at  Pretty funny!Want to try to win a bottle of bubbly send them your picture of you hugging your boss by emailing       If you would like to find more strategies to help you deal with health, wellness and stress - please visit the resource section at .     If you have some strategies to share - comment on this posting!   To bring Beverly to present her stress and wellness strategies to your team or to find more wellness days, weeks and months - visit the tips and strategies to help you gain more joy, success and meaning in your life.

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