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11 2012

New Hampshire votes and who is the Leader?

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

The results of the Primary Republican Party votes in New Hampshire last night showed a ranking of the candidates ability to lead. Of the group, Romney performed the best and the way he handled the comment about “firing people” along with other attacks, was very good. He out shined his rivals easily. Personally Santorum falling below 10% was very fair, although I would have ranked him lower than that. He did not come over as anything more than a fundamentalist who happened to be Christian. Gingrich…..ahhhhh. Gingrich does not do attack very well, he comes over as an angry man, and that is not good for a leader. Deserved what he got despite who he is. Paul came second and I would have probably switched the ranking between Paul and Huntsman. Huntsman is more of a leader than Paul and it is a big shame he may well fall out of the race. Paul is a leader but simply not got the image to carry it on his own. Perry? Should have got out after Iowa. Big mistake to have carried on. Not a leader at this level and out of his league. The best thing that the Republicans can do is make this short and pick a candidate. In that way the fight will between the Parties and come away from showing their divisions in-house. Sadly, they probably won’t do that and Obama will breathe a sigh of relief. In truth, Romney is not a strong candidate and will not make a good leader of the country, but it is the best of the current running. Having said that, I believe that there is still a couple of surprises likely. Watch out for a left field entry in the Republican race in April that threatens to sweep the board. Also, when the Republicans are finished choosing, watch out for a strong independent suddenly appearing to muddy the waters and make it interesting (well for the rest of the world that see this election as the best soap that is not on TV!)

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