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21 2012

New Sustainability Advantage DVD Increases my Ripple Effect

Syndicated from: Bob Willard's Blog

How many talks can I give in a year without killing myself?I asked myself that question a few years ago on a strategic planning retreat – being a sole proprietor, I can hold those in the shower. I had settled into a pattern of doing 80-100 talks a year on the compelling business case for sustainability-related strategies, yet I was concerned that the momentum on the sustainability journey in the business community was not building fast enough. Wouldn’t it be great if I could spread the word faster and wider by doing 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, or even 1,000,000 talks a year all over the world without increasing my carbon footprint … even if I got hit by a truck on day one? Now that’s a BHAG! That’s when I realized that I needed to clone myself by making a DVD of my typical talk. Thousands of people could watch it anytime, anywhere, without me being there. So in 2007 I created The Business Case for Sustainability DVD of the talk I was giving at that time about the content of my first book, The Sustainability Advantage, which was released in 2002. It worked so well that I made The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook: The Presentation DVD in 2009 to reflect the content of talks I was starting to give on The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook that was released that same year. However, the first DVD was made obsolete by the publication of The New Sustainability Advantage that was released in March of this year. Ta dah! I am delighted to announce that The New Sustainability Advantage: The Presentation DVD is now available. It has been ten months in the making and features a composite keynote presentation made of excerpts from three talks on the sustainability business case as described in my new book. In all modesty, I’m quite proud of it. click image to enlarge Groups in colleges, universities, corporations, governments, and NGOs can watch the DVD at their convenience. They can purchase a copy of it, or they can purchase the right to watch it online on the Vimeo web site as often as they want to. I added that new half-price online option in an ongoing effort to dematerialize my resources, like the ebook versions of my books. While I was at it, I added a new online option for The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook: The Presentation DVD, as well. Sustainability Advantage Trailer from Bob Willard on Vimeo. The DVD completes the 5-resource tool kit about the new / improved business case for sustainability: the book, the dashboard, the worksheets, the slides, and now the DVD. For some, my live talks might be considered a sixth resource, if they are able to attend one. These resources are the training kit for sustainability champions who want to be able to more effectively articulate the potential bottom-line benefits if their company were to improve its environmental and social impacts. As a sustainability champion, I continuously look for ways to leverage my influence and make a positive difference. The new DVD helps do that. It widens my ripple effect in the English speaking world. Next, I need to figure out how to make my resources available in other languages. I’ve added that project to my job jar. Fun. Bob    

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