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21 2011

November Montreal Girl Geek Event – Passionate Project Management with Elisabeth Bucci

Syndicated from: Canadian Youth Business Foundation

Passionate Project Management with Elisabeth Bucci If you’re human, knowing how to better manage projects will always make your life easier. This holds true whether you’re a designer, developer, writer, freelancer, current or future business owner, careerist, mom, event planner or just a very busy person! A good project manager (PM) doesn’t just get the job done on-time and on-budget: they act as a catalyst for strong teamwork and a better end-product. They keep things moving, remove obstacles, reduce pain points, relieve stress and, if they do their job really well: they motivate others to achieve and surpass expectations. The skills needed to rally a team towards a goal are the same ones you need to set your plans, large or small, in motion and communicate better with those who can help you get there. Come hear tips from the trenches on how we can all be better at realizing our projects, regardless of the disciplines that get us there. Join us in welcoming a seasoned PM at the top her game, as she speaks about her passion for managing projects and making magic happen! View full event details on the Montreal Girl Geeks website

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