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26 2011

Obama as Leader

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

I was asked what I thought of Obama as a leader three years later? My response is: I think Obama has forgotten what got him the role of a leader. He galvanized the people to vote for him. He rode on a platform of ‘Change’. The only way he is going to change the system in Washington is if he galvanizes the people. His ability to create change has got lost as he has been sucked in and become part of the system in Washington. Even the Tea Party has managed to galvanize people a lot better than Obama has done. The problem is that the Tea Party see the world in black and white and fortunately the public are starting to realize this. But the Tea Party did manage to steal from Obama (the candidate), the ability to galvanize people. Obama could be a great leader, but he lost his way and got sidetracked and distracted. He certainly has the characteristics of a leader but he is loosing the perception of the people in being able to be the leader they need. Will he manage to turn it around? Yes he could but more because the Republican Party is still divided. I warned three years ago that the Republican Party are behaving like the Conservative Party in United Kingdom after Thatcher. It took the Conservatives many years to come back and the Republican Party seem hell bent on making the same mistakes. While the Conservative Party were divided in themselves, the nation didn’t trust them. The people of United States are scared of another George Bush, and people like Michele Bachmann and the Tea Party are dividing the Republicans. The Republicans can shout all they like and blame Obama for the Trillions of dollars debt, but when George Bush came to power the country had surplus and by the time he stood down, it was in debt. The Republicans need to stop the blame game and become unified if they want to be effective either as a Government or as an Opposition. They are neither at the moment. That is why Obama may win and not based on what he has been since being in Office.

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