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05 2011

One Simple Sales Mistake That is Costing You Money

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

During my tenure as a sales trainer, I have seen sales people make countless mistakes. In fact, I have written articles and blog posts, conducted webinars and talked about these mistakes in my speeches and training workshops. But many salespeople still make one simple mistake that costs them money. Money lost because a competitor avoids making the same mistake. At first glance it seems like an innocuous mistake. Too minor to make a significant impact on your results. Too small to make that much of a difference. Too insignificant to warrant a change in your approach. However, I’m going to step out on a limb and say that if you make the effort to avoid this mistake you will notice a difference in your results that results in an increase in sales. Here’s the mistake… Launching into your sales pitch too quickly. This might seem simple on the surface but it is still the most commonly used approach even by seasoned sales professionals. After all, it just makes sense to start talking about your solution once you are face-to-face with a qualified prospect? Because you can’t close a deal if you don’t talk about your offering, right? Unfortunately, jumping into a sales presentation too quickly means… 1. You haven’t demonstrated that you have done your due diligence and learned enough about your prospect’s key issues, problems, or concerns. 2. You didn’t confirm that the issues your prospect initially expressed as being important are still actually important. 3. You may spend too much time discussing aspects of your product, service or solution that are not relevant to your prospect or the buying committee. 4. You may use a shotgun approach and tell your prospect everything about every product in the hope that something will appeal to them. Launching into a sales pitch too quickly means that it will not be as effective as it could be. Sure, you might present a few reasons why your prospect should buy from you but it’s highly probable that their interest will wane BEFORE you get to those reasons. The purpose of a sales meeting or sales presentation is to give the other person a reason to consider you versus a competitor. And quickly launching into a sales pitch seldom accomplishes this. In fact, it often causes the opposite effect. I help sales professionals improve their approach so they can close more deals and win more sales. Please feel free to contact me if I can help. 905-633-77550 Tweet This

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