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06 2012

Online Networking, Gangnam Style.

Syndicated from: Networking for Results Blog

Love him or hate him, it’s tough to argue with the success of South Korean pop star Park Jae-sang (aka PSY). His overnight hit song “Gangnam Style” has propelled him into the entertainment stratosphere. With its 900 million views on YouTube, it has become the most watched video ever. In addition, it is estimated he has generated approximately nine million dollars in revenues along the way, in less than six months. It’s easy to pass this off as a once-in-a-lifetime event, like picking a winning lottery ticket. But what if there is a formula here, one that can be identified and replicated? A deeper look at the components that contributed to this perfect storm reveals that there is actually a set of criteria that drove its exponential growth and utlimate success. The right network. All the work that PSY did to create his masterpiece would have been for nought had he chosen another platform on which to release it. The synergy between his work and the YouTube audience was a match made in entertainment heaven. This acted as the runaway for Gangnam Style’s ultimate success. No matter what your product or service, no matter how hard you work, if you’re not in the right online network, you’ll never achieve the momentum required for exponential growth. The right content. This global phenomenon was fueled by the uniqueness of its content. I can vividly remember watching the video and being inexplicably pulled into this innovative and compelling concept. It was different, daring and dynamic. Is it any wonder that people wanted to share it with their friends, family, colleagues and clients? The lesson is simple. Here’s the most powerful question to ask yourself “Is the content I’m posting online meaningful, memorable, and provocative?” The right strategy. The marketing paradigm has an accepted sequence: create, test, sell, succeed. Advances in technology have created a tectonic shift in markets and methodology. Rather than adhering to the accepted norm of trying to sell his music through normal channels, PSY chose a radical approach of simply putting his creation into the marketplace. The result was validation of its value that far exceeded anything he (or we) could have predicted. Openly sharing value in today’s online market is the optimal client attraction strategy. Are you brave enough to try it? The right leverage. The reality of the “Gangnam Style” phenomenon is that the majority of its success and results have not been achieved by the author. They have been generated via a multi-faceted strategy that included a number of options and opportunities. Technology has played a major role, allowing the content to be replicated into different formats (MP3), mediums (ads) and options (3rd party agreements). The key lesson for any entrepreneur or marketing professional: today’s marketplace thrives on finding the bigger pies and being happy with a slice of each. Are you thinking of how to use technology to leverage your online network strategy? The right partners. The creative process will always be a single-source activity. Having stated that, to achieve exponential growth, sustained results and ultimate success requires a team approach. The “Gangnam Style” success package is truly an exercise in relationship management. Read the chronology of its evolution and you quickly realize the web of international partnerships that have come together to create this global brand. This project-focused and partner-based approach is the new corporate environment. Have you looked at your business or career from this perpsective, identifying the relationships that will propel you to the next level and how you can use your online networks to achieve this? Michael J. Hughes is known as Canada’s Networking Guru. To have him deliver one of his world-class networking programs for your next meeting or event, contact him at

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