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08 2011

Ottawa Entrepreneur Week: Firestone Clark Report

Syndicated from: Canadian Youth Business Foundation

The Firestone Clark Report is an internet radio talk show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to learn and benefit from the entrepreneurs’ skill set. The Firestone Clark Report will not only appeal to entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs but also intrapreneurs and high achievers and passionate people interested in participating in helping shape the technological, economic and sociological future as well as taking control over their own lives. Hosted by Dr. Bruce M. Firestone, best known as Founder of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators, and radio personality and our very own angel, Jennifer J. Clark, C.R.M. Guests are drawn from every geography and sector—technology, services, real estate, not-for-profit, charity, NGO, art & music, culture, community building and more—with the idea that their experiences,both positive and negative, should be shared and, in fact, archived for future generations of entrepreneurs to reference and learn from. Listeners will have an opportunity to Skype or call in to ask questions from our expert guests. Live Podcasts will be available as well. Segments will also focus on research and news in the field of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship allowing anyone to tune in and benefit. “Listening to the Firestone Clark Report will support entrepreneurs’ goals and ambitions.” Prof Bruce, July 2011 The Firestone Clark Report is a division of is a registered Canadian Not-For-Profit Professional Enterpreneurs and Intrapreneurs Corporation. The goals of the organization founded in 2001 include mentoring, teaching, performing research, hosting events, providing early stage funding and office incubator space to assist the furtherance of entrepreneurship in Ontario and around the world. More info here

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