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27 2009

Paul Bridle

Information Contextualizer

President, Bridle International Ltd.,

For over 20 years he has researched leadership. Paul Bridle, Leadership Methodologist, shares his findings and case studies through his speaking. Sharing some of his accumulated knowledge, he talks about what leadership method works at which time, and areas of leadership focus. He shares insight into gaining support as a leader, blending management strategies with leadership strategies, and much more.  He helps answer some of the difficult questions: Is the right person leading the organization? What is a leader's job? What do people respond to in a leader? Offering advice to novice and seasoned professional alike, Paul Bridle shares his passion on leadership.

Interview Date: July 2009

Paul Bridle: Blog

Apr 17 2015

Be Careful What You Hate

from: Paul Bridle

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

I am not a big lover of statues but I do understand their significance. Over centuries there are people that have done significant things, whether it is Ghandi, Mandela, Churchill, Lincoln, Hitler, Stalin, Mao or others. Some of them did great things of good and others not. The point is that they did exist and […]

Jan 21 2015

2014 Reflection – An Awakening

from: Paul Bridle

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

As I look back on 2014, I have realised that is was a year that I will call the Year of Awakening. We think we know things and we think we have a frame of reference that is real and true. I pride myself on being objective. I can take a step back and look […]

Dec 22 2014

Year end Greetings

from: Paul Bridle

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

A year ago I said it was going to be a demanding and hard year in 2014. I had taken over as interim CEO of a company to turn it around and make it viable once again. My expectation turned out to be underestimated by a long way. The turn around ended up being a […]



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