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04 2011

Paul Hellyer: Still Trying to Change Monetary Policy

Syndicated from: Steve Paikin

He may be 88 years old, but one of the most legendary ex-politicians in Canadian history is still trying to have an impact. Paul Hellyer won his first election in the Toronto riding of Davenport in the 1949 federal election. At that point in our history, he was the youngest MP ever elected.   Hellyer and I ended up at the same event a year ago, and I asked him why he ran for office in the first place. His answer: "I wanted to change monetary policy in Canada."  Sixty-two years later, he's still at it, trying to change fiscal and monetary policy in Canada.    Former Canadian cabinet minister Paul Hellyer, flanked by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalyn Carter. This picture was taken in Plains, GA in April, 2011.    Hellyer has had one of the most fascinating and controversial careers in Canadian political history. His first cabinet post came in the Liberal government of Louis St. Laurent. But he also served in Lester Pearson's and Pierre Trudeau's cabinets. In fact, he ran against Trudeau in the 1968 Liberal leadership convention, and, after switching parties, against Joe Clark in the 1976 Progressive Conservative leadership convention.  He also eventually left that party and started one of his own.  Given the depths of the Great Recession the world now finds itself in, we thought it might be interesting to have Hellyer come to our studios to share his views on how he'd change fiscal and monetary policy. You may not find many economists on Bay Street or Wall Street who agree with his prescription, but that's never stopped us in the past from offering our viewers a chance to hear differing views.   

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