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23 2011

Peter Bregman, 18 Minutes

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

I always say that there are 3 components to doing great work: focus to know what to do, courage to start, and resilience to keep going. So I’m excited to talk to Peter Bregman who offers new tools to help in these areas and create more impact in your life. Peter is the author of 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done. Peter admits that he’s not a guru from on high. He struggles with managing his time and focus, and the book was born from his personal experiments so that he can look back at the end of the day – and end of his life – and feel that he spent his energy on things that mattered. We talk about: Learning how to say no without feeling guilty or breaking anyone’s heart Choosing 5 areas to focus on each year and using the 6-box to-do list each day The right amount of time to spend on any 1 project before you’ll lose focus and eat too many chocolate chips Go to to learn more and download an 18-minute template, the 6-box to-do list, and other resources. Listen to my interview with Peter Bregman          

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