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27 2011

Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Your Team

Syndicated from: Your Planning Partners

Building your team does have challenges but it also has huge rewards. You will be energized by the team’s successes. The team will allow you to focus on those things you are really good at while others are doing work they are really good at. The business will thrive and the capability of your team will grow. You will be proud of them! However there are some common pitfalls but they can be avoided. If you know what they are! Don’t hire your best friend. This could be the quickest way to lose a best friend! Best friends are in short supply; qualified candidates are not. Don’t hire for short term gain; you may end up with a long term pain. For example, you have a serious need to get your backlog of business cards into Outlook. You hire the person who can do that. As the job grows you realize he is unable to grow with the job; he must be replaced.  Ask yourself: Is this a project or an ongoing need?  Projects are easily outsourced. Don’t hire for the person; hire for the position. For example, you meet someone you really like and is so perfect for you that you lose site of what the job is. High probability that there will be a mismatch of person to job. Don’t do this alone especially if you have had no experience in hiring people. Pay someone for guidance on ‘how-to’ create job profiles or execute the interview itself. Have other people do second interviews. Don’t hire until you have a clear understanding of what you need. For example, you think you need an Admin Assistant but what you really need is a Marketing Assistant. Don’t rush the hiring process. It is far better to get it right rather than get it quick. Keep reminding yourself you are hiring someone to help you build a strong business so take the time to hire the right person. Don’t cut corners because you will get what you pay for. Hire a precocious 10 year old kid to do your web site and you will get a 10 year old precocious kid’s web site! So remember the People Mantra: I cannot grow my business without the help of other people who can do some work better, faster and more efficiently than me, allowing me to be doing what I should be doing!

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