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Prep for your appearance

We’re looking forward to your upcoming appearance on Professionally Speaking TV. The following information will help you prepare for the interview. If you have a question or two that are not addressed here, just ask and we will be happy to provide answers.

Please send ASAP:

We will require a digital image to promote the interview on our website; images should be a high resolution colour profile picture. (We will crop to fit.)  To help Randall prepare, please send any recent publications, press releases, company news, etc. to our attention. While your website may contain much of this information, this ensures that we have received up-to-date information. As well, if there is a particular issue or subject that you would like to discuss, let us know in advance.

Studio location:

The studio is located at 600 Bay Street (the corner of Bay and Dundas), Suite 405.

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You may take the stairs or elevator up to the fourth floor.  The studio is found at the end of the hall.  Green P parking is available and details can be found by visiting .  TTC is easily accessible by either St. Patrick Station or Dundas Station.

Interview structure

Each week our host, Randall Craig, interviews one guest in an hour-long, in-depth interview. The interview is traditionally broken down into three or four segments to allow for short breaks of approximately 2-3 minutes. Each 15 -20 minute segment will consist of various questions on a theme: professional development and background, company profile, issues and trends, etc. The questions asked are often based upon the guest’s specific career and company as well as the previous response and are not scripted. Therefore, a pre-determined list of questions cannot be provided to the guest ahead of time. However, the interview is very relaxed and ‘friendly’, the intention is to provide insight to our viewers while profiling our guest and his or her organization.

Interviews are conducted on a private set and are not equipped to seat an audience. If a staff member or partner would like to join the scheduled guests, please let us know ahead of time so we may make seating arrangements.

Common questions:

Do you provide the lists of questions prior to the interview?

As the interview is in a conversational style, we cannot provide a list of questions prior to the interview. Each question is largely based upon the guest’s response to the previous question. There is, however, a typical flow to each interview. Divided into different segments, each show will ask questions related to the guest’s professional history, current role/position, and issues and trends.  We encourage our guests to watch a few episodes to get a sense of the show’s style.

Should I bring anything?

Guests are not required to bring anything unless you would like to show it during the interview. Past guests have brought authored books or new products or wares. We are also able to switch screens and show images of details, slides, or even video segments. Please make arrangements with us at least a week before your interview.

What should I wear?

The standard dress is business casual. Depending upon your desired company image, we have also had guests in more business corporate attire. The host, Randall Craig usually wears a jacket and tie.  IMPORTANT:  The show is shot with a “green screen” background, where the studio is composited digitally behind (and in front) of the seating area.  DO NOT WEAR GREEN CLOTHING OR ACCESSORIES.

What time do I need to arrive?

Guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled interview. This will allow time to adjust lighting, sound and to get settled with the host, Randall Craig.

 Are there commercials in the show?

Professionally Speaking TV is done in segments of 15 to 20 minutes in length. There are short breaks in between to allow for a commercial or two. This also lets you prepare for the next segment and ask any last minute questions to the host, Randall Craig.  Currently there is no “commercial” content on the show.

What if I am late getting to the studio?

Please do your best to arrive early to ensure that this doesn’t occur.  Being late causes significant problems for the production studio, the host, and other guests. 

When will my interview be on? Where can I watch it?

We will tell you the air date of your interview;  as well, it will be posted on our website’s home page under ‘Upcoming Interviews’. Each interview is broadcast “live” from our website’s home page and will remain in the ‘featured’ position for the duration of the week.  

What if I make a mistake during the interview?

Our interviews are “live-to-tape”. This means that we do not edit the interview’s content before airing it. We will do our best to help you recover from any errors during the interview, but remember that viewers value authenticity, and a minor gaffe will actually improve your personal credibility – not reduce it.

Will we receive a copy of the interview?

A link with an embed code will be sent to you in the weeks following the interview. This will give you access to a full copy of the interview.  Many of our guests embed their interview on their own website and promote it on their social media profiles.

Who owns Professionally Speaking TV?

Professionally Speaking TV is owned by 108 ideaspace and Randall Craig.