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24 2012

Presidents Speech 2012

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

One thing that nobody can deny is that President Obama can make a great speech. His timing and clarity is stunning. He certainly crafted a great speech starting with the Armed Forces and ending with the success of the Armed Forces in getting Bin Laden. The truth is…on foreign policy Obama is the best Republican President the Republic Party never had! One has to respect how well he defined the ground that the coming election will be fought on, and where he stands compared to where the Republican nominees stand. At least it looks like there will be a distinct difference in approach for the public to be able to make a choice from. His plea for bi-partisan approach was a scream into the darkness. Washington is not feeling enough pain yet to be prepared to make that change. The people will need to rise up in a US Spring before there is any hope of that happening despite Gabby Gifford. At least the election is starting to look like it might be interesting….except for all those hardliners on both sides that can’t make a decision because they have already made their minds up!

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