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18 2012


Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

What an interesting day it has been. The news is that the French magazine, Closer, has been instructed to hand over the photos of the Prince and Princess Royal taken when they were on private property in France and banned from distributing or printing them. Prosecutors are now considering criminal charges. At the same time across the Atlantic a video of a speech made by Mitt Romney at a private function are being aired on news channels and nobody is saying a word. Romney is being denounced for what he said and it is now just about the only news to be heard on any news channel!!! I know that what Romney said was at best inappropriate, but I am hard pressed to believe that anyone thinks that Romney is a racist or that he is against 47% of Americans. Are we not in danger of double standards? Yes, like Prince Harry, Romney should know that EVERYONE has a camera in their pocket (called a mobile phone) these days and whatever you say will be recorded….and so may end up in the wrong hands! So he had a lapse of judgement and went off script….but why aren’t the people taking videos being discussed and action being taken? Somehow I feel that this is absurd. We praise the action of the courts against the French magazine and do nothing to question someone taking a video at a private function. And to be balanced in my condemnation of this situation, Mr Romney, get yourself better Advisors and then learn to stick to your script.

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