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Professionally Speaking TV

Welcome to Professionally Speaking TV – where the nation’s thought-leaders reflect on issues, discuss industry trends and share their stories. Join host Randall Craig each week for great questions, and stimulating one-on-one conversations.

About the program

Professionally Speaking TV is an online, one-hour, one-on-one weekly interview with the nation’s thought leaders. Guests range in industry, occupation, and scope. The common thread connecting our guests is being distinguished in their field – and their impact.  They have an opinion, formed through years of experience, and they share this with Randall Craig, and our viewers, each week.

Started in mid-2009, Professionally Speaking TV has filmed over 100 episodes. The tone is “friendly” and allows for an in-depth, insider’s view.

The show is promoted through established business networks, PR, and social media.  We have an extensive viewership that tunes-in each week as well as seeks out past episodes. The show is aimed at the business decision-maker, but the audience profile is broad and ranges widely in demographic.

Professionally Speaking TV airs each Monday on and stays in that featured spot for the duration of the week; the episode is then available on an episode page indefinitely. The upcoming schedule of guests is posted on our home page. Each show is syndicated throughout the internet, including iTunes; and archived on this site.