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04 2012

Quote….”I feel like Obama just won reelection tonight”

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

When Obama won the Presidency, I warned the Republican Party to learn from the fall of the Conservative Party in United Kingdom who were out in the wilderness for over ten years, and have never fully recovered. The Republican Party needs to define what it stands for now and the vote tonight in Iowa showed that they are still not united. The fact that Santorum suddenly come from nowhere to basically tie with Romney, is either a huge indictment on the American voter’s intelligence or an example of how divided the Party really is. So let us look at the situation from who is a likely Leader? Romney has most of the leadership qualities out of the six candidates. Gingrich is a close second or level pegging…..except for three things. First, he doesn’t do righteous anger very well, secondly, he admitted defeat too early and he dresses so badly. Sorry, but when he doesn’t wear a tie, it looks like he is wearing his pyjama shirt. Ron Paul is probably the most level headed man of any of them but his age is against him. Before he finished his first term as President, he would be over 80. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ageist at all…but when the world is at war and there are so many issues that need a quick mind, Ron Paul does not come over as being with it. Most of all, he does not look a candidate that can bring down Barack Obama. Big shame in many ways, but likely not the leader needed. Santorum? Just plain dangerous. At best a great second in command to a good leader, but not a leader and certainly not a leader of the country. He will prove this in the next few days and weeks. Bachman……I stand by what I said before. Never was a front runner and not a leader of a country. Perry? Nice guy but was caught in the headlights too often. Certainly has leadership ability but not at this level. So sadly, my comment on tonight is that it was a victory for the Democrats. As one person on Facebook put it….”I feel like Obama just won reelection tonight”! But the race has just begun and a lot will happen between now and the first week in February. They all have a chance to show if there is the necessary leadership to: Pull a Party together and stand for something Be strong enough to fight Obama and win the electorate

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