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20 2011

Randall Craig

Social Media & Web Strategist

President, 108 ideaspace inc.,

In response to viewer demand, Randall Craig, the usual host of Professionally Speaking TV, steps in as a featured guest in this episode.  As a best-selling author, and sought after consultant in the field of social media and web strategy, he shares several best practices on how to successfully bind online activities to a business strategy. With a strong history in developing engaged communities, Randall Craig talks about broadcasting versus engagement, handling “comments”, and developing successful client relationships.  With social media being a particular strength of his, Randall Craig offers up avenues of connecting social media with Customer Relationship Management and Search Engine Optimization to create a powerful online presence with an impact on business.  Learn about Randall Craig’s coveted Anchors and Outpost strategy. Learn how to mitigate risks in online identity theft.  Learn how the 4 P’s of marketing fit into today’s strategies.

Interview Date: June 2011

Randall Craig: Blog

May 12 2017

Big data, analytics, and competitive advantage

from: Randall Craig

Syndicated from: Randall Craig

Ask your CEO, and they will say that your greatest asset is your people. Ask your marketing chief, and the answer will be your brand. And ask your CFO, your value is determined by your revenue or EBITDA. But is it possible that they may all be wrong… or may soon be? (Hint: how would […]

May 05 2017

Re-looking at the rush to digital

from: Randall Craig

Syndicated from: Randall Craig

Does the trend to digital mean that traditional communications are effectively… dead?  That all of your traditional communication tools (newsletters, magazines, brochures, booklets, etc) are destined for the trash heap?  One only needs to look at the sorry plight of the newspaper business to see that the future doesn’t look rosy. The world has changed. Or have we […]

Apr 28 2017

Checklist: 20 Top News Sharing Ideas

from: Randall Craig

Syndicated from: Randall Craig

When there is important news, how do you share it?  At the 30,000 foot level, the answer is simple: send an email and put it on Social Media.  When it comes to execution, however, many organizations miss great opportunities to get the word out. Here are 20 ways… Social Media Write a blog post about it, but tie the […]



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