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05 2012

Reactive vs. Creative Mind-sets…and Results

Syndicated from: Fulcrum Associates | Leadership Development and Teambuilding

At the core of The Leadership Circle (360 degree assessment) model are the Reactive tendencies and Creative competencies. If you look at the circle itself, you will see Reactive structure of mind represented by the lower half of the circle and Creative structure by the upper half. When leaders operate from the Reactive mind-set they are, of course, able to achieve at least some level of results through their people. The problem is that, as research shows, at some point they hit a ceiling. The behavior that comes with Reactive habits of thought is unable to generate higher performance. When a manager develops a more Creative set of beliefs and assumptions (mental “operating system”), a hole is blasted in that ceiling and he/she is capable of leading people to significantly greater accomplishments. In the following video Bob Anderson, Founder of The Leadership Circle and somewhat of a mentor for me, explains the how these dynamics operate in the heads of managers. The 18 minutes of viewing time you invest here will be well worth it.   © 2012, Ian Cook. All rights reserved.

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