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25 2011

Remembering Fraser Mustard

Syndicated from: Steve Paikin

Fraser Mustard's is not necessarily a name every Ontarian knows.    But it's a name we should remember. Particularly on a day like today, where friends and admirers gathered at the University of Toronto to pay tribute to his many accomplishments.    Mustard died last week at age 84.    Mustard was one of the most influential thinkers, mostly behind the scenes, that this country had to offer. His biography can be read here.    Suffice to say, when former premier Mike Harris needed advice about improving early childhood education, he asked Fraser Mustard to do a report.    When this country needed someone to establish an institute for advanced research, Fraser Mustard set it up.    When McMaster University wanted to establish a medical school, it asked Fraser Mustard to do it.    Suffice to say, his thinking, his influence, his contribution through the policies governments implemented thanks to his advice will be felt by millions for years to come.    We went into our archives at TVO to find this interview done many years ago on our former current affairs offering, Studio 2.    Mustard was never the most scintillating television performer. But he might have been one of the most brilliant. Enjoy...  

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