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05 2011

Rise of the Canadian cleantech industry

Syndicated from: The Bullfrog Blog

Did you know that Canada’s clean technology (Cleantech) industry is now rivaling mining, forestry and logging in revenue and jobs? According to the recently released 2011 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report, more than 44,000 Canadians are now employed by Cleantech, about the same number as those employed by the mining industry. Cleantech revenues for 2010 are estimated at $9.1 billion dollars, putting it in striking distance of forestry and logging, for which Canada is more widely known. The global market demand for clean technology is huge. It is estimated to have been $1 trillion in 2010 and this is expected to triple by 2020, when it will be the third-largest global industrial sector. Even during the recession, Cleantech continued to grow by 19 per cent. In 2010 alone, it expanded by an impressive 56 per cent. What these developments in clean technology tell us is that collaboration among business, government, ENGOs and the voluntary market is helping to advance the industry—but there is more work to be done. Only by continuing to support renewable energy providers and clean technology companies can these predictions become reality. By choosing green energy with Bullfrog Power, you support renewable energy providers and help fuel the Canadian Cleantech industry. You also send a message to government that Canadians understand that our future economic prosperity is tied to our commitment to sustainable development. Join us here at The Bullfrog Blog as we explore green energy news and the continuing progress of the global movement to fight climate change and find sustainable ways of living. Tom Heintzman President, Bullfrog Power

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