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11 2009

Roz Usheroff

Personal Branding

President, The Usheroff Institute,

What does your first impression really say about you? Do you think you can do better? Widely recognized as an authority on image, Personal Branding Coach Roz Usheroff shares tips and techniques on how to make those first four minutes count. How do you package yourself? How do you take charge of your image? Roz shares ideas on everything from dress and body language to attitude and personality. "I learned a lot about personal branding, and now, so can you." states Randall Craig of Professionally Speaking TV.

Interview Date: June 2009

Roz Usheroff: Blog

Jan 09 2019

What Women (And Men) Can Learn From The Golden Globe Awards

from: Team Usheroff

Syndicated from: Blog – The Usheroff Institute

Glenn Close, winner of Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama, brought the audience to their feet with her acceptance speech, “We [women] have to find personal fulfillment. We have to follow our dreams. We have to say, I can do that and I…

Dec 17 2018

Do You Need A Coach?

from: Team Usheroff

Syndicated from: Blog – The Usheroff Institute

When I start working with a coaching client, one of the first things I’ll ask is, “How are you perceived?” The typical response goes something like this: “I think I’m perceived in this way…” or “I believe most people see me as…” Rarely, if ever, does s…

Sep 05 2018

When Going Right or Left Gets You Nowhere Fast: Controversial Topics In The Workplace

from: Team Usheroff

Syndicated from: Blog – The Usheroff Institute

Once upon a time, you were taught to avoid potentially controversial topics with clients such as national politics, particularly in office environments and social settings. In other words, there were unspoken boundaries that one would not cross as it w…



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