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19 2013

Rules don’t apply to Me!

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

I find it a great shame when some very talented people start to see themselves as above the laws that rule the common people! Politicians have been doing it from time to memorial (which does not make it right) but when an athlete behaves like this, it is somehow a lot harder. An athlete is not voted in, but rather achieves fame from their skills and ability. They become a role model to thousands of people and inspire people to reach inside and find more in themselves. However, this same adoration seems to go to their heads. They start to see themselves as ‘special’ as ‘unique’ and from there it is a small step to starting to believe that rules of society do not apply to them. We see football players driving a breakneck speeds in their fast cars whist over the limit with alcohol, we see cyclists taking drugs and then destroying the lives of other people and now an athlete kill his girlfriend. Stories of domestic violence, drug addiction, speeding, drink driving, manslaughter and other actions of abuse and crime, are starting to become common place in the sporting world. The sports men and woman like David Beckham who use their influence and their positions as role models to hundreds of children and adults deserve all the money they have. Those that abuse it should pay a heavy price and have their privileges taken from them. Let Lance Armstrong compete but never receive a single penny in compensation ever again. Giving them fines they can afford does not make sense to me. Hit them hard. Deprive them of being able to put themselves above the law, above the people called “fans” and so rich they can buy their way through most situations. We have yet to hear what happened in Pistorius house on Valentines morning in South Africa, but with a history of domestic violence from him is troubling. It is said he acted in the way of so many that forget they are people and as such are required to live by the laws of the land and the expectations of a free society. A beautiful and talented young lady lies dead along with all those before her that have been slain by the ego’s of athletes who lost the plot. Sad….very sad that these talented people forget that with their talent comes an opportunity (if not a responsibility) to help millions of people get through another day.

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