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17 2013

Sally Hogshead & Scott Stratten, Great Work MBA

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

The Great Work MBA is coming up in November, and I’m taking a look at a few of the Great Work Interviews (GWI) with some of our 25 amazing speakers. On Day 2, you’ll hear from Sally Hogshead on How to Fascinate, and from Scott Stratten on How to Engage. Without further ado, I present some of my previously recorded GWI… Sally Hogshead I first learned about Sally through her book Radical Careering and her next book Fascinate which has taken the bestselling charts by storm. Here’s our chat about what it takes to be fascinating, at the brand level and the personal level: Getting shoved in the mud on the path to greatness, and how Sally got laid off on her very first day of work as a copywriter How to be fascinating in a world where the average attention span is 9 seconds Using the 7 triggers of fascination — power, lust, mystique, prestige, alarm, vice and trust — to captivate and persuade What your elbow can tell you about how much money you’ll make Find out your fascinate triggers in a 5 minute test at Listen to my interview with Sally Hogshead Scott Stratten I’ve been watching Scott’s work for close to ten years, and he’s done a number of remarkable things. First, he’s created over 60 internet movies that have been seen more than 60 million times, including his own movie that started the whole thing, Time.  His work brings together insights on human motivation and what he calls ‘unmarketing’ – how to sell yourself and perhaps your products in a way that is authentic and doesn’t follow the herd. In our conversation we talk about: The conversation with his company president that got the whole thing rolling Why you can never let someone else define your own Great Work Scott’s way of defining the difference between leading and managing What happens when you pull back the curtain to see the ‘Wizard of Oz’ – and the simple three part formula Scott uses to sustain his Great Work Listen to my interview with Scott Stratten Have you registered for the Great Work MBA? It’s completely free, so secure your spot today!  

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