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11 2010

Sherry Knight

Organizational Development

Co-founder, Dimension Eleven,

Organizational Development Expert, Sherry Knight discusses the co-founding of her company Dimension Eleven, authoring her book Unstoppable, and her ever-popular alter ego 'Madame L'Image'.  As an HR Resource professional, she offers insight into HR trends that are impacting organizations. As a professional speaker, Sherry Knight offers her audience an opportunity to look the part of what they expect back. She shares stories of the impact her alter ego has had and why she has such an impact on her audiences.  Littered with various, diverse perspectives, she discusses her book and its message; it doesn't matter where you start. She reveals what she learned while writing, and the similarities between the many subjects.

Discussing development issues, Sherry Knight offers advice about handling disappointment and finding your goals. Learn how to ask for the promotion, how to get to where you COULD go, and learn from what occurs.

Interview Date: October 2010


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