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28 2013

Slowing the Turnover Carousel

Syndicated from: Change Bytes

Just a generation ago most people spent their entire careers at the same company. Today employees are likely to work for 5 different companies… before they’re 40. The debate about why this is happening is rich, but for today, lets look at the “so what?”This month we’ve been talking about legacies, your legacy, and challenging you with the question, “What do you want to be remembered for when you leave the workplace?” As difficult and disruptive as the turnover carousel is for companies, it also presents you with a perfect opportunity to build your legacy. You may be one of the only people at your company, or in your department, who has been around since the beginning and who fully understands the rationale behind key decisions and how core values really get played out.Here are a couple of ways you can blend your desire to leave a legacy with your company’s need to “slow the turnover carousel.”Tap Into Your Inner Historian – Capture your company’s history. Even if your company doesn’t have the most exciting story, tell it anyway. Every company is the story of people pooling their hopes and dreams and turning them into something bigger than themselves. Tell that story; it’s your story too. Then share it with new employees. Be a Role Model –Just BE the employee your company needs right now; provide new employees a model to work from. The most powerful influencer you have is your life. Live your final working years in integrity. Integrity: the state of being whole and undivided; the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.True personal integrity is rare and it’s what new employees need to experience the most. We’d love to hear from you! Use the comments below to tell us about ways you’re “slowing the turnover carousel” at your company and securing your legacy.Remember, you can change it…and we can help!

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