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27 2012

Small Business

Syndicated from: Your Planning Partners

A recent MacLean’s special feature about Canada’s Small Business World starts out saying “more than a million small businesses operate in Canada. And our economy depends on them.” My first response was, “well we knew that!” Then my second response was “but lot’s of people don’t”. Canadian Small Business provides jobs for almost half of Canada’s private sector. That means small business is the largest single employer in Canada.  And, that doesn’t even include all of the out sourced services we use.  Doesn’t it make sense then that if we support building strong, successful small businesses we will be building a strong, successful Canadian economy? Wonder if the government recognizes that? What do you think the Canadian government should do to support greater small business success? What do you think we can all do to strengthen small business? We have been preaching to all who will listen that the base of the Canadian economy is built on Small Business Owners. What are your thoughts? Be sure to visit our website at

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