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28 2011

Special Kids Day

Syndicated from: Work Smart Live Smart Stress and Wellness Tips

 Special Kids Day - December 1   We take for granted our health and the health of our children.  But what if you are a family that has children who are facing special challenges?  Your child's health and well-being is always at the forefront of every decision that you make.Special Kids Day was put together to help families during the holidays.  Started in 1990, Special Kids Day began as a holiday event that provided an opportunity for children with special needs and their families to visit Santa Claus without having to face some of the obstacles that they might encounter when trying to experience a visit with Santa in a mall.  Though Special Kids Day may not be hosted in your area of the country, it is still a time to celebrate the strength, resilience and determination of these children and their families.Beverly's Hot Tips For Celebrating Special Kids Day and showing your support for these special families:If you are hosting a party:Invite the family, but don't be disappointed if they are not able to attend.  The invite alone says that you care and are thinking of them.Ask if there is anything special that you should consider or anything special that you can do to make the party a success for the special needs child and their family.  There may be access or food issues to consider.  Ask what the child's favourite food might be and have it on the menu, even if it doesn't fit with your holiday theme.  Have a quiet place for the child and the family to decompress if things become to hectic.Provide the gift of time:You may be able to pick up items that would save a run to the mall or the grocery store for the family.You may be able to step in and babysit while the parent's go out for dinner or go shopping on their own.There is often very little time to get things done around the house. See if there are any to-do items that you are capable of taking care of such as window washing or safety proofing.Provide ready to eat meals for the 'crazy' days...the days were it is non-stop appointments or that are especially difficult to cope.Let them know that you are there for their family.  It can be very isolating and lonely and true friends are hard to come by.  But don't wait to be asked as it is hard for many parents of special needs children to reach out and ask for help.  If you would like to find more strategies to help you deal with health, wellness and stress - please visit the resource section at you have some strategies to share - comment on this posting! To bring Beverly to present her stress and wellness strategies to your team or to find more wellness days, weeks and months - visit      .Providing the tips and strategies to help you gain more joy, success and meaning in your life.

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