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06 2011

Steve Jobs

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

I have not rushed to make comment today about the passing of Steve Jobs because I wanted to take time and reflect. Great men and woman leave a hole in the world when they pass on. Today the world has a hole in it. Tomorrow the world will move on and in the coming months the comments will start about Steve Jobs that no one dare say while he was alive. It has been the same with the passing of many great people. The one comment that people have muttered for a few years is about Steve Jobs being a hard and demanding manner with an autocratic leadership style. Already, today I overheard a comment about his style with the question about whether this is what makes a man great and successful? Let me try to answer that, but first a question: Is it because people are so desperate to find a flaw in the man or are they trying to justify their desire to be autocratic with their people? Steve Jobs was passionate, committed, focused, and wanted things done right. He had an attention to detail that frightened many people and he had a sense for what was good and what was not right yet. Were these qualities bad? I say, No. He earned the right to be who he was. He failed many times, he got it wrong many times, but he picked himself up and kept going. He put it all on the line on more than one occasion and he demanded the best from people. He had a passion and he demanded the same from people. I don’t believe he asked anything of anyone that he was not prepared to do or be himself. I was impressed and delighted that Bill Gates made such a glowing statement about Steve Jobs today. That says so much about who Steve really was. So before the media and people start criticizing him, take the time to consider what he achieved and let us be grateful for what he accomplished rather than what he did wrong. A great mind walked among us and relentlessly changed the world to make it better for every one of us. Children will learn better, old people will keep in contact better, business will work better, families will communicate better……as a result of his mind and his relentless pursuit of using technology to improve the lives of everyday people. Steve Jobs….your leadership was the example you gave us of passion, commitment, self belief, focus, attention to detail, relentless determination and much more. Many years ago a poem was written about you that would describe who you would become. True to that poem, you walked with kings but never lost your common touch and you treated triumph and disaster in the same way. Above all you listened to the truth you had spoke be twisted by Knaves to make a trap for fools, and watched the things you gave your life for, break….and you stooped and built them up again. You filled the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds of distance run……Steve Jobs, yours is the Earth and all that is in it, and what is more, you were a Man, Father, Husband, friend, companion, mentor….. I am humbled to have lived at the same time as you and seen what you have achieved.  

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