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18 2011

Steve Lundin, Fish!

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

If you’re in the business world, there’s no way you’ve missed the book Fish! In this book, Steve Lundin captured what it takes to make an organization flourish with joy, high morale and outstanding results. Steve has since written Top Performer, which is about being a busker, and I got to see Steve talk about that book at an HR conference in Mumbai. His latest book is called Cats: The Nine Lives of Innovation. Steve describes his life as a “massive, fantastic adventure” and we have a great conversation about his journey: How a knee operation caused Steve to go from being an avid long-distance runner to a voracious writer Why there is so much energy in some workplaces and so little in others How Fish! was written (it took 16 drafts!), published (Steve sent it the manuscript to editors with smoked salmon and crackers) and received by readers (all 5 million of them) Organizations don’t exist, so Steve refuses to talk about them 4AM to 9AM: Steve’s “great work” witching hours Check out Steve’s Great Work at Listen to my interview with Steve Lundin

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