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06 2012

Successful Social Media In Or Less!

Syndicated from: Canadian Youth Business Foundation

Successful Social Media in 60 Minutes Or Less! Guaranteed Who’s this for? Anyone who wants to do social media in less time Anyone who wants to learn the “tricks” professionals use. Anyone who wants “push button” simplicity – yes, it can be that easy! Anyone who wants to understand WHAT to say, WHEN to say it, HOW to say it WHY to say it. Anyone who believes social media CAN be automated. Anyone who wants results from their social media … not just friends! Anyone who wants to know HOW to measure their social media … not just guess! Anyone who wants to make their social media successful. What will we cover? Brief recap on “What is SM?” Why you should be using SM in your business. Discovering all social media is not created equal! How to spot the difference. The impact of social media on SEO and what to avoid How to develop a social media strategy that works. How to automate your social media authentically Understanding the “Conversation Continuum” (CC) The 3 types of messages required for the “CC.” How to do social media for FREE! Where to get killer-content for your social media at little or no cost! What tools to use to make your social media smarter The top tools professional SM managers use How to measure your social media ROI Integrating your SM with your other marketing channels – closing the loop What do I need to bring? Some business cards (hey, network!) Something to write with, I don’t suggest crayons. No technology required. Just an open mind. What is provided? Tea, coffee, water (ok, maybe some pastries …) Step by Step workbook to guide you to success. Checklists and other time-saver cheat-sheets. eCopy of my book: Social Media Isn’t Social If You’re Shouting!” 3 hours of cutting-edge training and ‘insider pro secrets’ Money Back Guarantee (If after attending the workshop you believe it wasn’t worth the price – let me know discreetly why, and I’ll refund your money conditional on the return of all materials before you leave.) REMEMBER … Social media works – +$2MM in sales … Just ask Dell Social media matters – even the search engines care Everything is becoming “social” – it’s what we are You need to know how to use these tools … it’s not hard Your competitor is using social media … you should be too Social media *IS* measurable … no matter what ‘they’ say Social media changed everything Things will NEVER be the same. How do I reserve my place? Simply click the checkout button at the top of this page. Space is limited so BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment. About Refunds:  You may cancel your booking with no penalty up to 21 days prior to the event and you will get a refund. After that period, no refunds will be issued. If we cancel the event for some reason, you will also get a refund. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS CALL +1.888.588.9428

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