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01 2012

Summer Reads: Learn From Other Business Owners

Syndicated from: Your Planning Partners

I have 2 great summer reads for you this time. But you won’t want to read them from front to back so put them next to your favourite summer chair so you can pick them up and browse. Both books are full of fun, surprising and exciting stories of Canadian businesses. I Know that Name by Mark Kearney and Rand Ray This book contains short stories (you can read them in less than 5 minutes) of over 100 Canadian businesses that became and still are household names. Companies such as: Birks Harvey’s Sleeman’s Brewery Sobeys And 105 more! Did you know? Harvey’s, the hamburger chain, is not named after the founder but might be named after the invisible rabbit in Harvey.  Grand & Toy founder, Percy Grand, invented the Roundedge Pencil that will not roll off your desk. You probably haven’t heard of Pattison and yet there is a good chance you see his name very day. I didn’t even know Elizabeth Arden and Zellers were Canadian! Enjoy your summer browsing with this book. That’ll Never Work compiled by KPMG This book also has short stories about Canadian businesses. But in this case you may not have heard of many of them. As the introduction says; “Despite their success and accomplishments, they are often unheralded in the daily business media and they are the best kept secret in Canada”. What I like about this book is that business owners talk about their challenges and how they overcame them. They share with us what they have learnt; for example: You should never assume you understand a customer’s challenges better than they do. A good reputation can build you money but money cannot build a good reputation! Keep a lens focused on the bottom line. Get off your ass and wear out a few pairs of shoes! These are real life stories about real people building real businesses. You will learn a lot from their experiences. Enjoy your summer and enjoy your reads! visit us at

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