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19 2013

Suzanne Stevens

Sales, Management, Philanthropy

President, Ignite Excellence,

What's your potential? With the unique belief that we perform best at the edge of our comfort zone, President and founder of Ignite Excellence, Suzanne Stevens, shares her company's approach to sales and leadership training. She defines several key areas of focus such as, differentiating the sales process, establishing the relationship, and using Socio-Value Influencers. In the professional arena as well as the personal, Suzanne Stevens challenges the restrictions we place on ourselves and to get out of our own way.  Learn about the best-fit benefit, and four need-to-know communication styles.

On the foundation of building leaders, Suzanne Stevens is impacting women's leadership development in several African countries through the Ignite Excellence foundation.  Learn about the impact her foundation is having.

Interview Date: August 2010


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