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Dr. Larry Ohlhauser

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The Healthy CEO

If you’re a major resource to your company, how much time do you spend keeping that resource healthy? One of the top 100 physicians this century, and author of The Healthy CEO, Dr. Larry Olhauser discusses the impact of balancing physical, financial and relational wellness. With a focus on Executives and CEO’s, Dr. Larry Olhauser encourages a business plan on their health and wellness. With the requirement of 150 minutes of activity per week, he offers tips on how to find those minutes, and what to do with them.


Cate Gibson

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Finding your Authentic Self

Is your underwear too tight? Discussing stress management and communication strategies, Cate Gibson teaches you to be your authentic self. Believing that life is a journey, she talks about mastering the sense of who you are. Offering tips and strategies to develop effective interpersonal communication, we learn how to be positive around negative people, and how to pick up on others’ communication preferences.


Jim Czegledi

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Humor in the workplace

Do you have a hard time finding the lighter side of life? Humor Coach, Jim Czegledi explains the importance of humor and how you can integrate it into your life. Talking about humor of all types – exaggeration, absurdities, irony, and others – he reveals the personal dimensions of humor and how we have the conscience choice to laugh. Jim Czegledi defines the five types of humor with examples of what to embrace and what to avoid.


James Pasternak

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Toronto City Council

School Board Trustee and Toronto City Councilor, James Pasternak tells us what’s wrong with Toronto. He talks about how he entered the world of politics, and what it’s all about. Pivotal in the launch of the Afrocentric School in Toronto, James Pasternak discusses the goals of the initiative and how it came to be. He shares his opinions on the TTC and MetroCity, Toronto crime rates, political stereotypes, and new Canadians in the city and in our schools.