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Jack Shand

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Executive search, Not-for-profit expert

You don’t want to acquire a racehorse to pull a plow. Jack Shand, Management Consultant and President of Leader Quest – an Executive Search firm – offers insight into the competition for talent and the demand that is still to come. Jack Shand shares the issues facing not for profits today and the war for talent. He offers advice on the measurable returns on management hires, as well as the growing trend of executive movement into the not for profit.


Brian Dalzell

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Sales, Management, Communication

Weaving together sales, management, and communications, Brian Dalzell, CEO of The Performance Advantage Inc, discusses the blending of facilitation and consulting. Answering such questions as, how can I integrate training? What is the impact on my business? And how do I position training in my organization? He shares how to get a better return on your training, and the use of training interventions.